Updated Mpesa Charges 2023:Safaricom Mpesa Rates and Tariffs

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Safaricom individual or business customer, you can always refer to the following Mpesa Charges when transacting on your mobile phone. These include Mpesa Withdrawal Charges, Sending Charges, and All other Mpesa Rates, recently updated for 2023.

It’s worth pondering where Kenya would be without Mpesa, Safaricom’s innovative service that has benefitted millions. However, it’s important to note that Safaricom recently updated its Mpesa charges, meaning you may have to pay more for sending or receiving payments on your mobile phone.

Mpesa Withdrawal Charges (KShs)

Withdrawing money from Mpesa is essential during transactions and one needs to know the current withdrawal charges.

Here are the current withdrawal fees for Mpesa when using an agent:

As the table above shows, Safaricom limits the amount you can withdraw. For instance, you cannot withdraw less than KSHs. 50 at an M-PESA agent outlet.

Mpesa Sending Charges to Unregistered Users.

These are the Mpesa sending charges:

The above is the Mpesa charges for sending money to unregistered users.

Mpesa Charges for Sending Money to Mpesa Users

Mpesa Transaction Rates: ATM Withdrawal

The following are the M-Pesa transaction charges for ATM withdrawals

Mpesa Overview

Mpesa is a mobile payment system that lets users send and receive money using their mobile phones.

The service was launched in 2007 by Safaricom, a leading telecommunications provider in Kenya. Since its launch, M-Pesa has become one of the most popular mobile payment systems globally, with over 30 million users in Kenya alone.

M-Pesa allows users to send money to any other user with a registered mobile phone number. Users can also use M-Pesa to pay for goods and services or withdraw cash from ATMs.

In addition, M-Pesa provides a platform for businesses to disburse payments to their employees and suppliers.

New Mpesa Charges Summary

Safaricom’s new Mpesa charges will force the user to pay the following fees in every transaction:

  • All deposits to your account or receiving money on Mpesa are free.
  • You won’t be charged anything if you send between Ksh 1- 100 to other MPesa users.
  • If you are sending an amount of between 50 to 1,00, M-Pesa won’t be charged.
  • Withdrawing any amount between KshFive hundred one01 to Ksh 1,000 will cost you Ksh 28 shillings.
  • Sending any amount between KSh. 1501 to Ksh 2500 will cost you 22 Kenyan shillings.
  • Sending an amount of more than 2501 and less than 3500 will be charged at Ksh 51 bob.
  • If you want to withdraw Ksh 5,000, you must leave 67 shillings to Safaricom.
  • And to send 5000, you will be charged Ksh 55 bob.
  • Sending Ksh 10 000 shillings will cost Ksh 87 bob.
  • While sending Ksh 20,000 will cost you 102 shillings.
  • And when you go to withdraw the Ksh 20,000, you will part with Ksh 180.

That is just a summary of the new Mpesa rates Safaricom LLC updated in December last year. For more detailed charges, see the summary.

In a nut Shell

Mpesa is a revolutionary mobile payment system that has changed how Kenyans send and receive money. The service is convenient, safe, and affordable, making it a popular choice for individuals and businesses.

While some charges are associated with using Mpesa, these are typically very reasonable.

The service has enabled Kenya to become a world leader in mobile payments and has inspired similar systems in other countries. Other technological developments in the Fintech sector are growing thanks partly to Mpesa’s success.

There is no doubt that Mpesa has positively impacted Kenya, and its success story is an inspiration to other developing countries.

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