“The Night Agent” Action thriller series that has been trending in Kenya

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“The Night Agent” is a thriller novel written by Matthew Quirk. The book follows the story of FBI agent Peter Sutherland, who is tasked with investigating a conspiracy within the government after a routine background check on a White House staffer reveals alarming information.

The Night Agent

As Sutherland delves deeper into the investigation, he discovers a web of deceit and betrayal that threatens to undermine the entire government. He is forced to navigate a dangerous world of political intrigue, where anyone could be an enemy, and his every move is monitored.

The novel is a fast-paced and suspenseful thriller that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. It explores themes of power, corruption, and loyalty, and offers a unique glimpse into the world of government espionage and intelligence-gathering.

Overall, “The Night Agent” is a gripping and well-written thriller that is sure to satisfy fans of the genre

“The Night Agent” is the newest American action thriller television series that has so many Kenyans in a chokehold.

It is currently the number one TV series on Netflix with 67% rotten tomatoes and has been rated as the most-liked show.

The show was released on 23rd March and has a total of 10 episodes. 

It is based on the book “The Night Agent” written by the best New York-selling author, Matthew Quirk.

The Night Agent was produced by James Dodson and Nick Bradley in the production companies Project X Entertainment and MiddKid Productions.

In The Night Agent, Peter Sutherland finds himself embroiled in a dangerous plot that involves a spy within the White House.

Alongside Gabriel Basso, the show features a talented cast including Luciane Buchanan, Sarah Desjardins, and Hong Chau, who was recently nominated for an Oscar

While working the night action desk, FBI agent Peter receives a distress call and is soon put in charge of protecting cybersecurity expert Rose.

The agent first ventured into the job after his father died and the organization was open to taking up any family member that was willing to join the team.

He was also in search of finding out the truth about his deceased father who was accused of being involved in a malicious act.

In the midlist of looking for these answers, he found himself in the middle of a conspiracy that involved a mole in the White House.

To start the story is set back when Peter rescued victims in a metro that got bombed. 

Given that there were no suspects, the agent was blamed for the tragedy, therefore, leading to him not getting job offers.

Fast forward a woman “Diane Farr” who is the President’s Chief of Staff offered him to work at a night action desk that is located in the basement of the White House.

His work was to review reports and monitor an emergency line that never rings until it did.

The caller was Rose, and at the moment her aunt and uncle who were seen to be a regular couple were assassinated.

This is where Rose finds out they were retired FBI spies.

The cybersecurity expert was able to run away with the aunt’s guidance and confidential information that she happened to come across.

This meant that the girl would be a liability.  

Knowing the girl’s situation Peter decided to turn to the one person he trusted, Diane.

The agent and Rose were now on a journey to uncover the truth about the White House.

They were guided by Diane at every step, and due to her higher rank, she was able to know where the risks were.

The trio was able to uncover some of the mysteries while trying to get ahead of the assassins sent after them. 

The Chief of Staff always kept them ahead of the game by offering them security, ensuring their phones were not being tracked, and not even asking about their whereabouts.  

But is she as innocent as she seems?

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