How To Use A Steamer For Food? Amazing Tips

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Steaming is an incredible fashion to cook food without losing the flavor and nutrient quality.

It’s also one of the easiest approaches to preparing your vegetables.

Despite the nutritional perks of steam veggies, many folks are left pondering how to use a steamer for food in their hectic daily lives.

The answer to this query is super simple: boil some water and allow the steam to cook the healthy food.

In this guide, I’ll educate in detail about how to use a commercial food steamer like a pro.

I’ll also inform you about the types of food steamer. So, let’s get started.

What Is A Food Steamer?

It’s one of the most useful and valuable kitchen appliances.

This sealed pot comes with a set of tiers arranged one on top of each other.

It’s explicitly made to cook food in the steam’s heat.

In a stovetop steamer, the steamer has an insert that fits on the top or into the saucepan filled with warm water.

You’ll need to place the food you wish to cook in the insert.

Afterward, the insert’s perforated base permits the steam to surround and heat the food.

is a food steamer worth it

What’re The Diverse Kinds Of Food Steamers?

Here’re the major types of food steamers.

  • Electric Steamer

Before learning how to use a 3 tier electric steamer for cooking, you need to know what actually electric steamer is and how it functions.

This standalone kitchen appliance does the cooking for you without any difficulties.

You simply need to add the water and the food you want to make and then close and lock the lid.

Afterward, you choose the suitable setting on the steamer and begin the cooking process.

  • Convection Steamer

In this sort of steamer, the steam flows at a normal pressure through convection.

In most scenarios, this is done with the help of a tiny fan.

The moisture’s high level and low cooking temperature guarantee that nutrients are kept as much as possible.

They take a long time to cook certain dishes because how does a steamer work for food at a lower temperature.

how to use a 3 tier electric steamer for cooking
  • Steamer Basket

A steamer basket is one of the most popular methods to cook food in a steamer.

It’s directly implanted into a pan or pot and then utilized on the stove.

It’s a straightforward technique for how to use a steamer for food.

You need to add a small amount of water into the pan, place the veggies you want to cook and close the lid.

As the water simmers, the steam will remain controlled and cook the food.

  • Pressure Steamer

A pressure steamer is one of the most worthwhile steamers available out there.

It utilizes a fusion of pressure and steam that permits optimized warmth transmission.

This way, the cooking time is reduced by almost half compared to older cooking techniques.

  • Combination Steamers

Combination steamers can generate both dry and wet heat.

They can switch between these two modes mechanically during the cooking process.

For instance, they roast the beef and steam veggies simultaneously.

how to use a steamer basket for broccoli

How To Use A Steamer For Food?

Follow these tips on how to use a steamer basket for broccoli and make the most delicious dishes possible.

1. Avoid Adding A Lot Of Water.

The most imperative element of steam cooking is the water. Adding the correct quantity of water is crucial.

When you’re using a steamer basket, you’ll want to commence by adding about 1-2 inches of water to the pan.

The water shouldn’t go above the basket once it’s placed in the pan.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to add too little water, which could lead your pan to burn.

2. Boil The Water.

As you begin to learn can you use a steamer for cooking, it’s quite prevalent to put it in the pan simultaneously and activate it.

Nonetheless, you might discover that the final dish is much better when you first bring the water to a boil and then put the veggies.

Once the water is simmering, add all the vegetables, close the lid, and permit the steaming procedure to begin.

3. Avoid Steaming For A Prolonged Period.

The third step of how to use a bamboo steamer for frozen dumplings is to avoid steaming them for a long time.

One of the most intricate tasks that you can come across is to get all dishes on the dinner table at the same time while keeping all of them delicious and warm.

Steamed veggies take a short time to cook so that you can cook them at the end.

Sometimes, they have done steaming before you are prepared for them.

In that case, only deactivating the steamer won’t be enough.

If you leave the veggies in the pan, they will slowly continue to cook and become soggy.

To prevent this situation, place them in a pot filled with ice water to keep them crisp.

how does a steamer work for food

4. The Seal Should Be Airtight.

The next step of how to use a steamer for food is to ensure the lid is aptly fitted to the appliance because any form of steam discharge will leave your veggies undone.

If you utilize a steamer basket, you may have observed a loose fit occasionally occurs.

Add a tea towel between the steamer’s top and the lid when you witness this.

Moreover, if your electric steamer has a loose cover, avoid using it.

5. Prepare The Food Before Starting The Cooking Procedure.

The last step of how to use steamer food is to prepare everything before steaming.

Add some herbs, garlic, or spices to the vegetables to create a mouth-watering meal.

Rather than just adding the herbs to the pan, roll the veggies into a container that has olive oil and herbs mixed together.

I would recommend sautéing the garlic and oil and adding to the veggies, fish, or chicken at the end.

You can also permit the chicken to marinate for a short time.


So, you now know how to use a steamer for food, and is a food steamer worth it.

Steaming is the easiest approach to cook. Like any other new kitchen appliance, it’ll take a while of experimenting to learn.

With constant learning, you’ll procure it right without any exertion.

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