How To Register As A Professional Engineer In Kenya

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This article entails on how to register as a professional engineer. Registration is done by the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK), a statutory body with the mandate of developing and regulating engineering practice in Kenya, building capacity for individual engineers and engineering firms.

How to Register as a Professional Engineer

1. Ensure that you meet the following qualifications;

  • Be registered with EBK as a graduate engineer.
  • Have at least three years working experience from the date of registration as a graduate engineer.
  • Have worked under supervision of a professional engineer.

2. Fill in the application form which is available on EBK’s website

3. Attach the following documents;

  • Certified copies of Degree certificate and other relevant academic documents.
  • Certified copies of National ID/ passport.
  • EBK graduate engineer certificate.
  • IEK membership certificate or receipt of application.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) certified by one of the referees.
  • 2 coloured passport photos.

4. Note;

  • Certification to be done by the commissioner of oaths whose names and address are fully displayed on the rubber stamp.
  • Applicant should deposit Kshs 10,000 application fee at EBK’s bank account.
  • Account Name- Engineers Board of Kenya.
  • Account Number- 01001031539000.
  • Bank- National Bank, Hill Plaza.

5. Drop your application together with the bank slip at the Customer Information Desk.

6. After all the documents are received, the Board will carry out administrative reviews of the documents and if there are any deficiencies, the secretariat will advise the applicant accordingly.

7. The Board will contact nominated referees. Upon receiving at least 2 responses, the application will be forwarded to the chairman of the panel of the respective discipline for technical evaluation.

8. The panel will carry out a technical evaluation and present their recommendation to the Board for approval of submission of professional interview documents.

9. The Board will notify the applicant in writing the approval to sit for the professional interview and forward to them the notes and rules on the conduct of the professional interview.

10. The applicant should prepare, submit and sit for his/her professional interview within one year from the date of notification.

11. After the applicant has sat for the professional interview, the recommendation will be forwarded to the Board for deliberations and ratifications.

12. The applicant will be notified in writing of the Board’s recommendation and thereafter a certificate of registration will be issued to successful applicants.

Engineers Board of Kenya Contacts

Location: Fortis Suites, 9th Floor, Hospital Road, Nairobi.

Contacts: 020 271 9974/ 0735 330 744/ 0722 509 972.

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