How to change Institution on KUCCPS

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KUCCPS – Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service is a state corporation that provides career guidance and selects students for admission to universities, national polytechnics, technical training institutes and other accredited higher learning institutions for Government of Kenya-sponsored programmes. KUCCPS is the Government of Kenya body mandated to undertake the selection of students for admission to higher learning institutions for Government sponsorship. Through the online portal, one can access information concerning available programmes in different institutions, programme clusters, preceding cut-off points, weighed cluster points, and the procedure of application.

Reasons for inter-university transfers

Students may decide to switch courses due to a variety of reasons, including medical and financial challenges, as well as accommodating persons with disabilities. Moreover, KUCCPS recognizes the importance of students pursuing courses that align with their interests and passions. As such, they allow students the flexibility to change their programmes if they find that their current course is not in line with their interests. The placement body will automatically reject your transfer request if you do not meet the cut-off points of the preferred degree or diploma course.

How to switch Institution on KUCCPS

Inter-university transfers can only be done online using the KUCCPS portal. Follow this procedure to change university.

  • Log into the KUCCPS student portal.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the “Transfers” tab and select the specific program you wish to transfer to.
  • Upon doing so, the portal will display an inter-institution field, prompting you to input the program code for their preferred course.
  • Before proceeding with the transfer, KUCCPS will verify if you meet the required cutoff points for the desired program. Additionally, you will need to provide a comprehensive explanation for initiating the transfer.
  • To complete the transfer application, you must make a non-refundable payment of Ksh 1,000 through mobile transfer. The transaction code received from this payment will be used to validate the transfer application.
  • Once your transfer request is validated, the chosen institution will automatically receive your application and consider it and subject it to available slots.
  • If the institution approves your transfer, it will be forwarded to your initial school for endorsement before final approval by KUCCPS.
  • Once KUCCPS approves your request, a transfer letter will be issued via your portal, serving as your admission letter to the new university or college.

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