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Chief Operation Officer Martin Khafafa indicated that the media house had failed to turn around the station.

“All affected staff will duly be informed on the handover process by the HR team,” the internal memo read in part.

“Once again, I would like to thank KISS TV staff for all their effort to make the brand work,” Khafafa added.

Sources at the media house also confirmed that KISS TV was closed, a year after rebranding.

The shutting down of the station came months after its relaunch, with a new content strategy comprising revamped entertainment programmes.

The re-branded Radio Africa-owned TV aired fresh new programmes to captivate its audiences all day.

Radio Africa Group brought on board famous personalities, including Kamene Goro and Charlie Karumi.

KISS TV also acquired the services of Massawe Japanni, Homeboyz presenter Lotan Salapei, Joe Saina and Big Will.

Before its relaunch in May 2022, the TV station had rebranded to get a new phase in February 2020.

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